Avalanche Airbags

Avalanche airbag backpacks allow you to stay on the surface of an avalanche to avoid being buried. We have thrown all of our snow-safety experience into designing and developing a range of airbag backpacks equipped with a lightweight, compact, and reliable dual airbag system.

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A trailblazer!

The world’s first ever eco-designed avalanche airbag backpack, the Calgary 18 REACTOR is the preferred companion for environmentally-conscious freeriders. This environmentally-friendly backpack is equipped with the lightest, most compact, high-performance dual airbag system on the market.

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Price €539.00

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The essential

The R18 PRO FLEX is the most compact backpack of the FLEX line. Made with tough, durable fabric and straps to carry either your skis or snowboard, this is the ideal volume for any freeride adventure. If you need more room, use our FLEX zipper technology to vary the pack’s carrying capacity in just a few seconds.

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Price €559.00

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