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Designed in collaboration with athlete Léo Slemett, the RIDE18 AIRBAG has been developed to accompany you on your most amazing freeride outings.

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Imagined with Léo Slemett, Freeride World Tour Champion.

Looking for the airbag backpack that offers you optimal freedom of movement? The SWITCH RIDE18 is the companion you need.

The featherweight of the RIDE18 AIRBAG will impress you: only 2.25kg, including the airbag system and a carbon bottle.

Its features have not been neglected either. The RIDE18 AIRBAG is equipped with a helmet holder and multiple options to secure skis, ice axes, poles, or a snowboard. The quick-access pocket on the outside is optimized for your avalanche safety gear, but it can also accommodate your climbing skins for the descent. Additionally, to simplify the organization of your backpack, you will find a safety pocket and a mask pocket separated from the main compartment.

Furthermore, equipped with the ARVA REACTOR 2.0 system, the lightest, most compact, and high-performance double airbag on the market, your powder outings gain safety with the SWITCH RIDE18.

Finally, the RIDE18 AIRBAG is an environmentally friendly playmate: 100% of the fabrics used in the RIDE series are recycled. We use recycled polyester 300D as well as 150D recycled polyester linings. RIDE backpacks are also PFC FREE.

Arva x Léo Slemett : Better with Altitude

"These are the words that best describe my life philosophy. Born in the Chamonix mountains, I grew up surrounded by snowy peaks, which became my playground and passion. My intensive skiing practice from a young age led me to the highest level of sports, including a world championship title and multiple expeditions. The mountains are my daily training ground, but also my driving force. However, they can quickly become dangerous, even for the most experienced."

The ARVA brand accompanies me daily in my high-level freeride skiing practice. As the first tester of their avalanche safety equipment, this collaboration for the development of the new RIDE range was a natural fit. Now it's your turn to play with more safety!"

The ARVA REACTOR 2.0  airbag system, summarized:

  • Double the safety: 2 separate airbags
  • The lightest avalanche airbag system on the market: 650 g
  • Most powerful inflation system on the market
  • Airbags shaped as a ball to protect your head and maximize the rise-to-surface effect in an avalanche
  • Trigger handle ergonomically positioned and designed
  • Practice pulling trigger handle without canister
  • No electronics or batteries to manage
  • Removable system compatible with all ARVA REACTOR backpacks

Warning: Cartridge not included

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  • Quick and easy A-frame ski carry
  • Recycled fabrics
  • Integrated helmet holder
  • 3D-FIT
  • REACTOR 2.0 airbag system
  • TUV GS certified
  • Sangles de portage multifonction
  • Poche intérieure dédiée au matériel de sécurité
  • Chapeau à boucles magnétiques
  • Tissu N400D PU2
  • Résistant à l'eau
  • Dos thermoformé équipé de la technologie ALU-FIT
  • Ceinture suréquipée
  • Quick and easy A-frame ski carry
    Attach your skis with just two clicks. Side carry (A-Frame) is particularly suitable for wide skis and provides better weight distribution on the backpack.
    The use of a strap to connect the tips of the skis so that the tails are spread apart is generally recommended.
  • Recycled fabrics
    This product has been made from strong recycled polyester fabric, making it greener and more sustainable and minimizing our impact on the environment.
    We use 300D polyester as well as 150D polyester lining, both made from recycled plastics.
  • Integrated helmet holder
    It’s always better to make sure you have your helmet with you, so we’ve fitted a retractable helmet holder that is compatible with all helmet brands.
    With our LOW PROFILE innovation, we have reinvented the design of our REACTOR airbag backpacks by modifying how the balloons are integrated in the backpack.
    The new generation of backpacks with LOW PROFILE technology comes with more compact volumes, improved balance as well as new options, such as A-Frame ski carrying.
  • 3D-FIT
    The 3D-FIT system provides very rapid adjustments so you can find optimal comfort according to your preferences and anatomy. All you have to do is choose between S, M or L to instantly adjust the length of the back and shoulder straps and the position of the Reactor handle, to find the perfect ergonomic fit.
  • Système airbag REACTOR 2.0
    Weighing only 650 g, our ARVA REACTOR 2.0 airbag system is the lightest airbag system on the market within all categories.
    Equipped with two 75-liter balloons, you have double the safety in the event of an accident.
    The most powerful system on the market, its compact size and position in the backpack guarantee uncompromising balance and safety.
  • Certifié TUV GS
    Our production of the backpacks has been controlled by the TÜV SÜD laboratory in Germany for reliability and quality, and has to pass extremely demanding criteria to be awarded the TUV GS label.


  • Bag only : 1240 g
  • Bag with system : 1890 g
  • Bag + system + carbon canister : 2210 g
  • Bag + system + steel canister : 2380 g
  • Bag + system + US carbon cartridge : 79.72 oz
  • Bag + system + US steel cartridge : 88.89 oz


  • Small volume close to the body.
  • Designed in collaboration with Léo Slemett, professional Athlete
  • Access to the main compartment via a zip on the top.
  • Dedicated external pocket with convenient sleeves to stow your safety gear.
  • Very large pocket to stow your goggles or other small valuables.
  • Can carry 2 ice axes.
  • Carry skis diagonally or in an A-Frame. Snowboard compatible.
  • Includes an integrated helmet holder with storage pocket.
  • SWITCH modular system compatible.
  • Materials : 300D recycled polyester plus 150D recycled polyester lining
  • Removable and comfortable 70 g waist belt equipped with a large quick-access zipped pocket and a stretchy mesh pocket.
  • Compatible with hydration systems.
  • Soft and lightweight shoulder straps.
  • Left/right-handed trigger handle clips.
  • Protective storage pocket for the trigger handle.
  • Comfortable, water-resistant thermoformed back panel.
  • Back size adjustable from 40 cm - 50 cm.

  • 3-in-1 3D-FIT adjustment system.
  • Safety whistle. 
  • Equipped with the ARVA REACTOR 2.0  airbag system.
  • LOW PROFILE airbag compartment.
  • Right/left adjustable crotch strap.
  • TUV GS certified.
  • Complies with EN16716 standard.
  • SWITCH modular system compatible.
  • Materials : 330D recycled polyamide 
SWITCH modularity
Our SWITCH technology was developed to meet the needs of winter sports enthusiasts who do not want to confine themselves to one specific activity. 
With a SWITCH FRAME and several SWITCH COVERS pockets, you can change the volume of your airbag backpack in a fraction of a second to suit the day's outing. 
The SWITCH range offers extremely lightweight and comfortable airbag backpacks that are easy and discreet to wear on every kind of trip.
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