The R32 PRO FLEX is durable and very versatile pack. The high-capacity 32L compartment is ideal for all-day outings in the backcountry. It is compatible with our FLEX technology, which allows you to change packs if you need more room.

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  • Carbon footprint: 47,6 kg CO₂eq (100% offset)
  • Single use plastic used: 24,3g

This 32L pack allows you to carry all the gear you need for those amazing tours over rugged mountain terrain.

For heavy-duty intense use, the R32 PRO FLEX is designed to adapt to any situation. Perfectly equipped to carry skis or a snowboard, as well as an ice axe, you can also use the diagonal carry system for your skis (right or left side). The dedicated snow-safety gear pocket on the front of the pack provides immediate access to your shovel and probe. Featuring reinforcements where it counts to hold up day-in and day-out against abrasion, snow, and general wear and tear, your ARVA REACTOR avalanche airbag system equipped backpack will never let you down. With reinforced foam and our 3D-FIT system, you will enjoy maximum comfort that fits all body shapes and sizes.

Discover our FLEX technology

Comprised of the FLEX FRAME base unit and the FLEX COVER 32 PRO pack, you can switch the COVER pack to change the capacity, design, or other functions of your ARVA REACTOR avalanche airbag backpack in just a few seconds.

Warning: Cartridge not included

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  • Reinforced construction for heavy-duty use
  • Daisy chain
  • Dedicated snow-safety equipment pocket
  • Diagonal ski carry system
  • Gear loops
  • Removable waist belt pocket
  • 3D-FIT
  • Reinforced construction for heavy-duty use
  • Daisy chain
  • Dedicated snow-safety equipment pocket
  • Diagonal ski carry system
  • Gear loops
  • Removable waist belt pocket
  • 3D-FIT
  • Reinforced construction for heavy-duty use
    CORDUA is a synthetic fabric with 3 times the abrasion resistance of other typical polyamide fabrics. While durable and incredibly robust, it remains relatively thin and lightweight. 140Dx210D CORDURA polyamide ripstop HR is a thin fabric with a highly-resistant coating that can withstand the toughest conditions.
  • Daisy chain
    Daisy chains are extremely useful and versatile, allowing you to strap a wide variety of gear to your pack depending on the outing and your immediate need.
  • Dedicated snow-safety equipment pocket
    Since we know just how vital it is to be quick and efficient in rescue situations, we placed a dedicated pocket on the front of the pack for quick access to your shovel and probe.
  • Diagonal ski carry system
    Carrying your skis diagonally keeps them from interfering with airbag deployment in the event of an avalanche. Reversible, our system allows you to choose the diagonal direction in which you would like to carry your skis.
  • Gear loops
    The waist belt is equipped with gear loops: two small loops on the left, and one large loop on the right.
  • Removable waist belt pocket
    We designed the right pocket to be removable to provide professionals with the option of gaining more room on the waist belt to attach specific tools and accessories.
  • 3D-FIT
    Our 3D-FIT system allows you to quickly adjust your pack to your fit preferences and body size for maximum comfort. Select S, M, or L in just one pull to instantly adjust back height, shoulder strap length, and the position of the REACTOR trigger handle for the perfect fit.


  • Bag only : 1430 g
  • Bag with system : 2080 g
  • Bag + system + carbon canister : 2400 g
  • Bag + system + steel canister : 2570 g
  • Bag + system + US carbon cartridge : 86.42 oz
  • Bag + system + US steel cartridge : 95.3 oz


  • Capacity: 32L.
  • Compatible with our FLEX technology.
  • Front access to main compartment.
  • Quick and easy access flat front panel.
  • Daisy chain modular carrying system
  • Two  axe loops.
  • Diagonal left or right side ski carrying system.
  • Snowboard and snowshoe carrying system.
  • Compatible with the ARVA helmet holder.
  • Dedicated snow-safety gear pocket.
  • Dedicated pocket for goggles and valuables.
  • Reinforced front panel made with P140Dx210D CORDURA ripstop HR.
  • Equipped with the ARVA REACTOR 2.0  airbag system.
  • Compatible with our FLEX technology.
  • Waist belt equipped with two side pockets, one is removable.
  • 3D-FIT shoulder straps.
  • Compatible with most hydration systems.
  • Comfortable back panel with thick and sturdy foam padding.
  • Sternum strap includes an emergency whistle.
  • Composition: N330D Ripstop.
  • TUV GS certified.
  • Complies with EN16716 standards.
Flex Technology
We developed Flex technology to allow you to change the carrying capacity of your Arva Reactor avalanche airbag backpack in just a few seconds based on need. This system include the Flex frame and the Flex cover. Our Flex technology does not require any additional zippers, which means no additional weight relative to a traditional reactor backpack.
Arva Flex Technology
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