Comfortable, breathable, and durable bivy sack.

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  • Carbon footprint: 2,8 kg CO₂eq (100% offset)
  • Single use plastic used: 18,5g

The ESCAPE LITE BIVVY bivy sack represents nothing less than a revolution in backcountry shelters, and resolves the main complaint about condensation produced from body heat.

With the ESCAPE LITE condensation is no longer an issue, and you will never again have to choose between staying dry or staying warm.

The unique material developed by SOL, experts in emergency survival gear, allows moisture to escape while keeping snow, wind, and rain out.

It reflects 70% of your body heat to keep you warm all night long. Waterproof seams, a drawstring hood closure, a side zipper, as well as ample volume allow you to use this comfortable bivy sack as an overbag for your sleeping bag to gain 10°C in warmth or as a lightweight and comfortable sleeping bag down to 10°C on summer nights. The high-visibility orange exterior makes it easy for rescuers to spot you in an emergency, even in areas with high tree cover.

  • A bivy sack that breathes
  • Reflects 70% of your body heat
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Four-season weather resistant
  • breathable
  • reflects body heat
  • light and packabe
  • Season and scratches proof fabric
  • A bivy sack that breathes
    Keeps you dry from the inside out, and protects you against the elements so that you stay dry even in the most extreme conditions.
  • Reflects 70% of your body heat
    Staying warm and dry in any situation is essential! Versatile, it can be used as an overbag for your sleeping bag, an emergency bivy sack, or a lightweight sleeping bag in the summer.
  • Lightweight and compact
    The Escape Lite allows you to lighten the load and takes up very little space in your pack.
  • Four-season weather resistant
    This puncture and tear-resistant fabric is made for intense use.


  • 155 g


  • Size: 208cm x 81cm
  • Reflects 70% of your body heat
  • Breathable
  • Wind resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Four-season weather resistant
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Sealed seams
  • Made with SOL’s ESCAPE technology
  • Single size
  • Orange