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Super. Lightweight. We designed our TOUR25 REACTOR airbag backpack specifically for ski tourers looking for a comfortable, compact and lightweight airbag backpack suitable for all mountain trips.

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  • Carbon footprint: 4,6 kg CO₂eq (100% offset)
  • Single use plastic used: 4,7g

The revolution has arrived.

The TOUR25 SWITCH COVER teams up with the SWITCH FRAME to create the TOUR25 AIRBAG.

Weighing just 1950 g and equipped with a carbon canister, the featherweight TOUR25 AIRBAG sets a new standard for avalanche airbag backpacks. Extremely versatile and fully featured, we designed this pack for backcountry enthusiasts looking to save weight without sacrificing functionality or safety. It is equipped with the lightest, most compact, and high-performance dual airbag system on the market. The 25L of carrying capacity provide more than enough space for your touring gear on any day-long adventure in the mountains. The TOUR25 AIRBAG has a front pocket designed to stow your snow-safety equipment. Features include a built-in helmet holder, 2 ice axe loops, and the option of carrying your skis diagonally or in an A-frame depending on your preference.

Eco-friendly : 100% of the fabrics used for the TOUR series are recycled. We use a 330D MIPAN REGEN-ROBIC recycled polyamide, as well as 200D and 300D recycled polyester. Our backpacks are also PFC-FREE.

The TOUR25 AIRBAG is the lightest pack compatible with our SWITCH technology, and also one of the lightest avalanche airbag backpacks on the market. The TOUR25 SWITCH COVER pack unit cannot be used on its own and must be paired with a SWITCH FRAME REACTOR base unit.

Discover our SWITCH technology

Key benefits of the ARVA REACTOR avalanche airbag system :

Double the safety: 2 separate airbags.
The lightest avalanche airbag system on the market: 680 g.
The most powerful inflation system on the market.
Airbags shaped to protect your head and maximize the rise-to-surface effect in an avalanche.
Trigger handle ergonomically positioned and designed.
You can remove the canister from the system to practice pulling the trigger handle.
No electronics or batteries to manage.
Removable system compatible with all ARVA REACTOR packs.

  • Quick and easy A-frame ski carry system
  • Dedicated snow-safety equipment pocket
  • MIPAN REGEN-Robic recycled fabric
  • Quick and easy A-frame ski carry system
  • Dedicated snow-safety equipment pocket
  • MIPAN REGEN-Robic recycled fabric
  • Quick and easy A-frame ski carry system
    Attach skis to your pack in just two clips. The A-frame ski carry system works especially well for wider skis and spreads the load more evenly. We recommend also using a strap to attach the ski tips and spread the tails apart.
  • Dedicated snow-safety equipment pocket
    Since we know just how vital it is to be quick and efficient in rescue situations, we placed a dedicated pocket on the front of the pack for quick access to your shovel and probe.
  • MIPAN REGEN-Robic recycled fabric
    The very first polyamide fabric made with recycled thread, MIPAN REGEN technology represents a genuine innovation for technical textiles. Extremely waterproof and abrasion resistant, our high-performance, rugged N330D MIPAN REGEN-ROBIC fabric lasts much longer than traditional backpack fabrics.


  • 300 gr


  • Generous 25 L capacity.
  • Full access to the main compartment.
  • Exterior pocket dedicated to the storage of safety equipment equipped with retaining sheaths.
  • Very large pocket for your mask or for small valuables.
  • Can carry 2 ice axes.
  • Carry skis diagonally or on an A-Frame.
  • Includes a built-in helmet holder with storage pocket.
  • Daisy Chain straps for attaching accessories.
  • SWITCH modular system compatible.
  • Composition: MIPAN REGEN-ROBIC 330D Recycled Polyamide and 200D and 300D Recycled Polyester combine in a durable backpack.
Try something different. Push your limits.
Equip yourself with a SWITCH FRAME and several SWITCH COVERS to change the carrying capacity in a fraction of a second to suit what you’re doing today. The SWITCH range offers extremely light and comfortable airbag backpacks to accompany you discreetly on every trip.
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