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Ready to brave any conditions, the ST30 AIRBAG combines sleek design with our REACTOR airbag technology. Ultra-versatile, extremely weather-resistant; the ideal companion for all your ski trips.

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  • Carbon footprint: 43,4 kg CO₂eq (100% offset)
  • Single use plastic used: 16,8g
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Ready for adventure !

Inspired by our experience in the field and our goal to always design the highest performance products, the ST30 AIRBAG will soon become your go-to airbag for a ski trip or any other adventure in the snow.

By reducing the number of seams and making this pack with a tough N400D PU2 waterproof ripstop fabric, a minimalist design has never proved to be such a versatile high-performer. The ST30 AIRBAG also boasts the lightest, most compact, and high-performance dual airbag system on the market !

Ideal for any sidecountry or backcountry freeride tour, this pack offers many surprising benefits. The multipurpose strap system is more than capable of carrying all your gear, whatever the situation. The YKK AquaGuard® zipper placed on the side of the pack provides quick access to your gear. Stow your shovel and probe in a separate, closed compartment to forget they are there most of the time, and for split-second access in an emergency situation. In terms of style, choose between a very elegant shade of blue or black for a more understated, refined look. Whatever your preference, the ST30 AIRBAG has character and will leave a lasting impression.

Now compatible with our modular SWITCH system, the optimized storage capacity means that you can carry everything you need.

The ST30 AIRBAG is compatible with our SWITCH technology. The ST30 AIRBAG includes two components: the ST30 SWITCH COVER + the REACTOR SWITCH FRAME

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Key benefits of the ARVA REACTOR 2.0  avalanche airbag system:

  • Double the safety: 2 separate airbags. 
  • The lightest avalanche airbag system on the market: 650 g.
  • The most powerful inflation system on the market.
  • Airbags shaped to protect your head and maximize the rise-to-surface effect in an avalanche.
  • Trigger handle ergonomically positioned and designed.
  • You can remove the canister from the system to practice pulling the trigger handle.
  • No electronics or batteries to manage.
  • Removable system compatible with all ARVA REACTOR backpacks.

Warning: Cartridge not included

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  • Lid with magnetic buckles
  • Multifunctional carrying straps
  • N400D PU2 fabric
  • Internal pocket for snow-safety gear
  • Compact thermoformed back panel
  • 3D-FIT
  • Lid with magnetic buckles width=568
  • Multifunctional carrying straps
  • N400D PU2 fabric
  • Internal pocket for snow-safety gear
  • Compact thermoformed back panel
  • 3D-FIT
  • Lid with magnetic buckles
    Since efficiency is so important to us, we developed a system to open and close your backpack even quicker. Open the buckles and pull on the red loops to open the main compartment as wide as possible. To close, pull the drawcord and place the lid. The magnetic buckles will close the pack in an instant.
  • Multifunctional carrying straps
    Streamlining no longer necessarily means making choices. The combination of the Daisy Chain system and its multi-functional straps mean the pack is capable of carrying skis, snowboard, ice axes and a host of other indispensable equipment. For trips where you don't fill your backpack completely, the straps can be used to compress your pack and make it even more compact and close to your back.
  • N400D PU2 fabric
    Since our intent was to create a pack that will endure the worst weather conditions possible, we used N400D PU2 ripstop fabric for its waterproofness as well as its abrasion and tear resistance. All that along with a PFC-free coating.
  • Internal pocket for snow-safety gear
    Since we know how important it is to always carry your snow-safety gear with you, we built a specific compartment for your shovel and probe. Designed to keep your shovel and probe readily accessible whatever the load, you will forget they are in this completely separate and closed compartment most of the time, yet have quick access in an emergency situation. When placed in their dedicated sleeves, your shovel and probe will not move an inch (or even a centimeter). This pack provides you with the means to be more organized and efficient.
    Through our new, innovative LOW PROFILE technology, we decided to completely revamp the design our REACTOR avalanche airbag backpacks by integrating the airbag into the pack itself. The latest generation of packs designed with our LOW PROFILE technology means a more compact size, enhanced load distribution, and new features like the option of carrying skis in an A-Frame.
  • Compact thermoformed back panel
    Since you may not have the biggest body frame, this thermoformed back panel is shorter than on our other REACTOR avalanche airbag backpacks. It is designed for freeriders of all shapes and sizes: men, women, and kids. Comfortable and water resistant, this heat-formed back panel will hug your back to provide form-fitting support.
  • 3D-FIT
    Our 3D-FIT system allows you to quickly adjust your pack to your fit preferences and body size for maximum comfort. Select S, M, or L in just one pull to instantly adjust back height, shoulder strap length, and the position of the REACTOR trigger handle for the perfect fit.


  • Bag only : 500 g
  • Bag with system : 1930 g
  • Bag + system + carbon canister : 2250 g
  • Bag + system + steel canister : 2420 g
  • Bag + system + US carbon cartridge : 81.13 oz
  • Bag + system + US steel cartridge : 91.7 oz


  • Generous 30 L capacity.
  • Triple access to the main compartment.
  • Top access through the magnetic buckled top.
  • Side access via a YKK AquaGuard zipper.
  • Full access to the main compartment via a zipper on the back.
  • Dedicated external pocket with convenient sleeves to stow your snow-safety gear.
  • Two external pockets to stow your goggles or other small valuables.
  • Removable straps let you carry skis diagonally or in an A-frame, two ice axes, a snowboard or
  • snowshoes.
  • Pack volume compression system.
  • Daisy Chain system compatible with the ARVA helmet holder.
  • YKK AquaGuard waterproof zippers
  • SWITCH modular system compatible.
  • Materials: N400D PU2 ripstop.


  • Comfortable 70 g removable belt with a large rapid-access zippered pocket and a very stretchy mesh pocket.
  • Compatible with multiple hydration systems.
  • Soft, lightweight shoulder straps.
  • Left/right handed trigger handle clips.
  • Protective storage pocket for the trigger handle.
  • Comfortable, water-resistant, thermoformed back panel.
  • Back size adjustable from 40 cm - 50 cm.
  • 3D-FIT 3-in-1 adjustment system.
  • Safety whistle.
  • Equipped with the ARVA REACTOR 2.0  airbag system.
  • LOW PROFILE airbag compartment.
  • Adjustable left/right leg safety loop.
  • TUV GS certified.
  • Meets the EN16716 standard.
  • SWITCH modular system compatible.
  • Materials: MIPAN REGEN-ROBIC 330D recycled polyamide, 200D recycled polyester and 330D high-strength polyester.
Try something different. Push your limits.
Equip yourself with a SWITCH FRAME and several SWITCH COVERS to change the carrying capacity in a fraction of a second to suit what you’re doing today. The SWITCH range offers extremely light and comfortable airbag backpacks to accompany you discreetly on every trip.
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