The practical Bluetooth-connected NEO BT PRO covers an 80 m search strip width. Connect your device to the ARVA app: configure it, prepare for your trip and even train for rescue!

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  • Carbon footprint: 6,5 kg CO₂eq (100% offset)
  • Single use plastic used: 4,9g

ARVA’s top-of-the-line avalanche transceiver, the NEO BT PRO combines performance and connectivity.

With a search strip width of 80 m and Bluetooth technology, it will appeal to both professionals and the new generation of backcountry enthusiasts. Users can connect their NEO BT PRO to the ARVA app to access a wide range of services, including setting up their transceiver, planning an outing, or even practicing rescues. Experts will appreciate the enhanced analog mode with automatic calibration and a maximum range of 90 meters. For multiple burial situations, the SCROLLING mode offers rescuers maximum efficiency during the search phase. The NEO BT PRO is equipped with a soft holster to fit a wide range of body types.

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  • 80 m search strip width
  • Analog mode
  • The scrolling function
  • Editors choice
  • 80m
  • mode analogique
  • fonction scrolling
  • editor-choice
  • 80 m search strip width
    Simply the largest search strip width on the market. This makes it possible to scan large avalanche and save considerable time when searching.
  • Analog mode with automatic calibration management
    This expert function allows not only to increase the search strip width to 90m, but also to better distinguish signals in complex situations, especially in case of electromagnetic interferences. The automatic management of the gauges facilitates the search and allows the rescuer to focus on the essential.
  • The scrolling function lets you choose the desired victim
    In case of a complex multi-victim situation, the scrolling function generates a significant time saving by allowing you to choose among the signals. Sometimes, the nearest signal is not necessarily the most accessible due to the terrain, so it is crucial to change the target without going through the marking phase.
    The reference magazine Backcountry magazine has awarded its highest distinction for the NEO BT PRO with the editor choice, recognizing its unparalleled performance and intuitive ergonomics.


  • 214 g (batteries included)


  • 80 m search strip width
  • Bluetooth technology for connectivity with the ARVA app
  • Analog mode with automatic calibration
  • The scrolling function lets you choose which victim to search for
  • Group check mode including transmit frequency check
  • Marking function to identify victims already located; 4-victim display shows “”+”” beyond 4 victims
  • Device equipped with 3 antennas to improve the chances of detection in a signal search and precision during the fine search
  • Digital signal processing efficiently guides the rescuer to the burial area
  • Autotest mode lets the device to diagnose whether its main functions are operating correctly
  • Backlit screen provides excellent contrast in all light conditions
  • Automatic revert-to-transmit mode detects of movement in the event of a secondary avalanche
  • Automatic revert-to-transmit mode detects of movement in the event of a secondary avalanche
  • Dynamic interference management lets users adapt their search technique in an area with a lot of signal interference
  • U-turn alarm lets the rescuer know they are heading in the wrong direction
  • Standby mode lets the user keep their device switched on while shoveling
  • Battery life in transmit mode: 350 hrs with alkaline batteries/450 hrs with lithium batteries
Bluetooth technology for connectivity with ARVA app
Recycled Polyester Calgary 20
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