Our Vision

ARVA positions itself today as a pioneer in innovation for mountain rescue. Our vision for the future goes beyond this primary mission. We aspire to become a role model company committed to protecting our planet against climate change. Our commitment is progressive and transparent, with the aim of preserving the environment for future generations.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to design mountain rescue equipment. However, our approach goes beyond simple technical innovation. We are committed to innovating responsibly and sustainably, with a positive impact on the environment, climate, and our playground. Transparency towards all stakeholders is a fundamental value that extends throughout our value chain.

The ARVA Experience

For over 25 years, ARVA has been at the forefront of snow safety equipment. In an unrelenting quest for performance and lightness in the mountains, the ARVA team has developed safety equipment aligned with your vision.

In the constant pursuit of reliability and performance, ARVA inspires innovation. In collaboration with mountain professionals, we design products that meet the needs of the terrain, anticipating future developments.

Our Products

The development, innovation, and creation of new reliable and high-performance products are daily challenges for our team. The complete range of ARVA, including our shovels, probes, backpacks, airbag packs, DVA, and accessories we offer today is the result of this constant pursuit of quality.

Made in France

We take pride in maintaining the production of our DVAs in France. This approach, beyond its ecological and social implications, is motivated by our attention to detail and quality. We maintain a close collaboration with production centers, involving rigorous development monitoring.

1985 – 2020: 35 Years of Snow Safety

35 years ago, ARVA introduced its first Avalanche Victim Search Device, the ARVA 4000. At that time, freeriding did not exist, and winter sports were different. However, the passion for your safety was already present.

This family history has shaped ARVA over the years. While the performance of the devices has evolved, product categories have diversified, and sales have gone international, the essence of the brand remains unchanged.

1985: ARVA 4000

In 1985, ARVA unveiled the ARVA 4000, the first French DVA. Mono-antenna, purely analog, without a screen, offering limited range, it was intended for an informed audience. Subsequent technical advances improved performance, but user interface remained the main area of improvement.

1998: ARVA 9000

The year 1998 marked a turning point with the introduction of the ARVA 9000, ushering in a new era in the history of search devices. This generation of ARVA provides direction and distance indications, significantly facilitating rescue operations. It marks the beginning of digital devices, a significant step forward in accessibility and ease of use, although far from what we know today.