Reactor Servicing

Reactor Servicing

Servicing includes a 9-point inspection to test the key features of your Reactor avalanche airbag backpack, and includes return postage.

  • Service charge without options: €30 (€24 in low season)
  • Round-trip shipping costs included : 10€ (per order, regardless of quantity of revisions)
  • Ship it and that's it!
Tax included

Informations on your Reactor

Processing time can range from a few days to 3 weeks depending on the season (longer delays are to be expected during winter) or longer if your product needs to be repaired. In this case, we will contact you directly.

Get 6€ off if you order between March and August.

Recommended frequency of maintenance and inspection

  • Regular use (20 days per year): inspection and maintenance once every 3 years.
  • Intense use (20 to 60 days per year): inspection and maintenance once every 2 years.
  • Professional use, including guides, instructors, patrol, search and rescue, rental shops… (or more than 60 days per year): inspection and maintenance once per year.

How does this service work?

  • 1/ Fill out the form above, click "SAVE" and add the product to your cart (You will find the serial number on the red part of your inflation system)
  • 2/ If you have several devices to service, please repeat the Step 1 for each device
  • 3/ Print your order confirmation or invoice and attach it to your backpack
  • 4/ Ship it and that's it!

*Maintenance options

  • Maintenance + canister refill: select this option if your canister is empty and you would like us to refill it when we service and inspect your airbag backpack.
  • Maintenance + canister upgrade: select this option if you would like to exchange your current steel canister for a carbon-fiber canister at a reduced price.

Shipping address

BP 10120
74941 Annecy-le-Vieux CEDEX

Shipping is at your expenses. The service includes return postage.

BP 10120
74941 Annecy-le-Vieux

Check points
Simple Premium
Harness inspection
Cable, trigger handle, and trigger attachment inspection
Compressed gas canister check
Dry fire activation mechanism
Puncture unit inspection
Lubricate activation mechanism
Venturi Air intake valve and inflation tube visual check
Airbag compartment zipper check
Inspect overall airbag condition, folds, and attachments
Test inflation system and airbag deployment using compressed gas canister
Verify that airbag is still airtight
Our team
Your Reactor avalanche airbag backpack will be fully serviced by seasoned professionals in our workshop at our headquarters in Annecy, France.
With more than twenty years of experience in avalanche safety and rescue, Christophe and Clément know how to take care of your gear and will restore it to its former glory.
Equipe technique SAV révision