"These are the words that best describe my philosophy of life. Born in the Chamonix mountains, I grew up surrounded by snowy peaks, which became my playground and passion. My intensive skiing practice from a young age led me to the highest level of sports, including a world champion title and multiple expeditions. The mountain is my daily training ground, but also my driving force. However, it can quickly become dangerous, even for the most experienced.

The ARVA brand accompanies me daily in my high-level freeride skiing practice. As the first tester of their avalanche safety equipment, this collaboration for the development of the new RIDE range was a natural choice. Now it's your turn to play with more safety!"


On the AIRBAG side, the RIDE range is equipped with the ARVA REACTOR 2.0 system, the lightest, most compact, and high-performance dual airbag system on the market.

  • • Doubled safety: 2 separate airbag balloons
  • • Lightest airbag system on the market: 650g
  • • Most powerful inflation system on the market
  • • Balloon shape protects the head and optimizes upward force in an avalanche
  • • Ergonomic design and positioning of the trigger handle
  • • Trigger training without a cartridge
  • • No electronics or batteries to manage
  • • Removable system compatible with all ARVA REACTOR backpacks

The RIDE range also offers its "SWITCH" system, which is present in other airbag pack series. Designed for practitioners who do not limit themselves to a specific activity, its principle is simple: keep your airbag system while changing the front pocket at will (with compatible pockets). You can change the volume in a fraction of a second and adapt to the day's outing.


As part of our eco-responsible development line, 100% of the fabrics used in the RIDE series are recycled. We use 300D recycled polyester as well as 150D recycled polyester linings. Our backpacks are also PFC FREE.