Steel Cartridge Refill

Steel Cartridge Refill

Refill Service for Your Steel Cartridge

  • Service €20 + Round-trip Shipping Fee €10
  • Print your return label and send us your empty cartridge
Air travel : good to know
How to have your cartridge delivered to a different address?
Example: I live in Paris, France, and I'm planning a ski trip to Innsbruck, Austria. I want my full cartridge to be delivered directly to Innsbruck. Super simple !! When placing my order, I enter my Paris address as the billing address and provide the desired Innsbruck address (or a Pickup Point) as the shipping address.
Tax included

Our refill service operates like a deposit system. We collect your empty cartridge, refill it, and return it to the market. Upon receiving your empty cartridge, we will send you either your full cartridge or a new one.

How to proceed with the refill?

  • 1/ Order a cartridge refill.
  • 2/ Place your empty cartridge in a package.
  • 3/ Print the refill request PDF received via email and include it in your package.
  • 4/ Print the shipping label you received via email and attach it to your package.
  • 5/ All that's left is to send us your package!

What we offer:

  • 1/ A flexible and cost-effective solution to replace your Arva avalanche airbag cartridge.
  • 2/ The peace of mind of a reliable product. Each cartridge is meticulously inspected, refilled, weighed, and tested before being returned to circulation.