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  • Calgary 18 Sac Airbag Avalanche Arva
  • Calgary 18 Sac Airbag Avalanche Arva
  • Calgary 18 Sac Airbag Avalanche Arva
  • Calgary 18 Sac Airbag Avalanche Arva
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Revised and guaranteed for 2 years
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A trailblazer!

The world’s first ever eco-designed avalanche airbag backpack, the Calgary 18 REACTOR is the preferred companion for environmentally-conscious freeriders. This environmentally-friendly backpack is equipped with the lightest, most compact, high-performance dual airbag system on the market.

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A true revolution !

The CALGARY 18 REACTOR avalanche airbag backpack includes our latest technologies while limiting its impact on the environment. We overhauled our entire design process to create the first ever eco-designed avalanche airbag backpack made primarily with recycled fabrics and designed with a REACTOR dual airbag system made and assembled in our home country of France.

Discover our REACTOR technology

Our LOW PROFILE technology, developed specifically for this backpack, provides ample storage space in a compact, form-fitting design for total freedom of movement. We created the lightweight, compact, and high-performance CALGARY 18 REACTOR for every freerider: men, women, and kids of all shapes and sizes. We also equipped this pack with a dedicated compartment for your snow-safety gear, a pocket for your goggles, an ice axe loop, as well as straps to carry a snowboard or skis in an A-frame. A dedicated zippered pocket provides the trigger handle with additional protection.

All our freeride athletes recommend this pack for the upcoming season. Ride with the CALGARY 18 REACTOR on all your freeride descents.

Warning: Cartridge not included

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  • Quick and easy A-frame ski carry system
  • Trigger handle pouch
  • Thermoformed back panel
  • 3D-FIT
  • Dedicated snow-safety equipment pocket
  • Portage de ski en latéral facile et rapide
  • Poignée camouflée
  • Dos compact thermoformé
  • 3D-FIT
  • Poche sécurité dédiée
  • Système airbag REACTOR
    Through our new, innovative LOW PROFILE technology, we decided to completely revamp the design our REACTOR avalanche airbag backpacks by integrating the airbag into the pack itself.
    The latest generation of packs designed with our LOW PROFILE technology means a more compact size, enhanced load distribution, and new features like the option of carrying skis in an A-Frame.
  • Quick and easy A-frame ski carry system
    Attach skis to your pack in just two clips. The A-frame ski carry system works especially well for wider skis and spreads the load more evenly.
    We recommend also using a strap to attach the ski tips and spread the tails apart.
  • Trigger handle pouch
    To make sure that your airbag does not deploy unintentionally when maneuvering far from avalanche prone slopes, the trigger handle can now be stowed in its own dedicated pouch.
  • Thermoformed back panel
    Since you may not have the biggest body frame, this thermoformed back panel is shorter than on our other REACTOR avalanche airbag backpacks.

    It is designed for freeriders of all shapes and sizes: men, women, and kids.

    Comfortable and water resistant, this heat-formed back panel will hug your back to provide form-fitting support.
  • 3D-FIT
    Our 3D-FIT system allows you to quickly adjust your pack to your fit preferences and body size for maximum comfort. Select S, M, or L in just one pull to instantly adjust back height, shoulder strap length, and the position of the REACTOR trigger handle for the perfect fit.
  • Dedicated snow-safety equipment pocket
    Since we know just how vital it is to be quick and efficient in rescue situations, we placed a dedicated pocket on the front of the pack for quick access to your shovel and probe.
    Weighing in at a mere 680g, our ARVA REACTOR avalanche airbag system is the lightest airbag system on the market, all categories combined. The two 75L airbags means a redundant safety system in the event of an accident.

    The most powerful airbag system on the market, the compact design and position inside the backpack guarantee a well-balanced load and an exceptional level of safety .


  • Bag only : 1100 g
  • Bag with system : 1780 g
  • Bag + system + carbon canister : 2100 g
  • Bag + system + steel canister : 2270 g
  • Bag + system + US carbon cartridge : 75.84 oz
  • Bag + system + US steel cartridge : 85.01 oz


  • 30cm x 55cm x 18cm
  • Capacity: 18L.
  • Equipped with the ARVA REACTOR airbag system.
  • LOW PROFILE airbag compartment.
  • Front access to main compartment.
  • Lightweight waist belt.
  • Ice-axe loop.
  • Quick and easy carrying system for skis (A-Frame), a snowboard, and snowshoes.
  • Compatible with the ARVA helmet holder.
  • Dedicated external snow-safety gear pocket.
  • Dedicated external, NYLEX-lined pocket for goggles and valuables.
  • 3-in-1 3D-FIT shoulder straps.
  • Shoulder strap equipped with integrated trigger handle protection pouch.
  • Water repellent, thermoformed back panel, 50cm long, fits small body frames.
  • Sternum strap includes an emergency whistle.
The very first eco-designed avalanche airbag backpack!
At ARVA, we believe that performance should not take precedence over the environment. This is why we decided to develop the market’s first ever avalanche airbag backpack made primarily with recycled fabrics.
We revamped our usual design process to reduce the number of components and the complexity when assembling each part to limit fabric scraps and waste during production.
To continue down the path of sustainability, the REACTOR airbag system is designed, manufactured, and assembled in our home country of France. All of our subcontractors are located within an 80km radius of our headquarters.
Arva Reactor Produit Éco-Conçu
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