• Calgary 18 Sac Airbag Avalanche Arva Mousse
  • Calgary 18 Sac Airbag Avalanche Arva Mousse
  • Calgary 18 Sac Airbag Avalanche Arva Mousse
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Revised and guaranteed for 2 years

A trailblazer!

The world’s first ever eco-designed avalanche airbag backpack, the Calgary 18 REACTOR is the preferred companion for environmentally-conscious freeriders. This environmentally-friendly backpack is equipped with the lightest, most compact, high-performance dual airbag system on the market.

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A true revolution !

The CALGARY 18 REACTOR avalanche airbag backpack includes our latest technologies while limiting its impact on the environment. We overhauled our entire design process to create the first ever eco-designed avalanche airbag backpack made primarily with recycled fabrics and designed with a REACTOR dual airbag system made and assembled in our home country of France.

Discover our REACTOR technology

Our LOW PROFILE technology, developed specifically for this backpack, provides ample storage space in a compact, form-fitting design for total freedom of movement. We created the lightweight, compact, and high-performance CALGARY 18 REACTOR for every freerider: men, women, and kids of all shapes and sizes. We also equipped this pack with a dedicated compartment for your snow-safety gear, a pocket for your goggles, an ice axe loop, as well as straps to carry a snowboard or skis in an A-frame. A dedicated zippered pocket provides the trigger handle with additional protection.

All our freeride athletes recommend this pack for the upcoming season. Ride with the CALGARY 18 REACTOR on all your freeride descents.

Warning: Cartridge not included

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