Versatility embodied

Whether it's for a long day off-piste or a short hike, the RIDE24 is the ideal freeride backpack.

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All your essentials within reach

The RIDE 24 is a backpack that combines volume, functionality, and comfort. Its advantage: a padded and equipped waist belt to keep your essential accessories within reach.

Developed with our athlete Léo Slemett, the RIDE range was created to satisfy both pro riders and enthusiasts. Léo emphasized the use of a strap for adjusting the chest strap to be able to attach gloves, for example, as well as a full back opening that provides an overview of the interior of the bag.

Many features are also present on the RIDE24 to simplify your skiing sessions, such as the integrated helmet holder and side carrying straps.

Finally, the RIDE24 is an environmentally friendly backpack: 100% of the fabrics used in the RIDE series are recycled. We use recycled polyester 300D and recycled polyester lining 150D. RIDE backpacks are also PFC FREE.

The RIDE24 is the perfect compromise between compactness, optimized storage, and performance.

  • Removable waist belt 
  • Quick and easy A-frame ski carry
  • H2O tube protection
  • Thermoformed back
  • Recycled fabrics
  • Back opening
  • Integrated helmet holder
  • Sangles de portage multifonction
  • Poche intérieure dédiée au matériel de sécurité
  • Chapeau à boucles magnétiques
  • Tissu N400D PU2
  • Résistant à l'eau
  • Dos thermoformé équipé de la technologie ALU-FIT
  • Ceinture suréquipée
  • Removable waist belt 
    We believe that an ergonomic waist belt is essential to provide optimum support during your freeride outings. 
    Not only does it ensure comfort and stability, it takes a good deal of the weight of the backpack from your shoulders and back.
    If you don’t need the full support of the waist belt, you can remove it in seconds to minimize weight and material.
  • Quick and easy A-frame ski carry
    Attach your skis with just two clicks. Side carry (A-Frame) is particularly suitable for wide skis and provides better weight distribution on the backpack.
    The use of a strap to connect the tips of the skis so that the tails are spread apart is generally recommended.
  • H2O tube protection
    The shoulder strap has a zipped sleeve to hide the tube from your water pouch for a more streamlined design that will also keep the tube out of your way. The sleeve also protects the tube from hot/cold temperatures.
  • Thermoformed back
    Comfortable and water-resistant, the thermoformed back will mold to the shape of your own back.
  • Recycled fabrics
    This product has been made from strong recycled polyester fabric, minimizing our impact on the environment. 
    We use 300D polyester as well as 150D polyester lining, both made from recycled plastics.
  • Back opening
    With the opening in the back, you can see all the gear inside your backpack in one go when preparing for a trip.
    It also allows you access to your equipment while out on a ride.  
  • Integrated helmet holder
    It’s always better to make sure you have your helmet with you, so we’ve fitted a retractable helmet holder that is compatible with all helmet brands.

Weight :

  • 985 g


  • Designed in collaboration with Léo Slemett, professional Athlete
  • Access to the main compartment via a zip on the top.
  • Includes an integrated helmet holder with storage pocket.
  • Laptop compartment
  • Water pouch compatibility
  • Dedicated external pocket with convenient sleeves to stow your safety gear.
  • Removable belt
  • Full back opening
  • Very large pocket to stow your goggles or other small valuables.
  • Can carry 2 ice axes.
  • Carry skis diagonally or in an A-Frame. 
  • Snowboard compatible.
  • Materials: 300D recycled polyester with 150D recycled polyester lining
Leo's secrets
Back opening: Allows you to easily access all your equipment on the chairlift, with your skis on your bag or on steep slopes.
Equipment loop on the shoulder strap: To temporarily and quickly store your gloves or a hat.
Very compact volume near the back: for more precision when freeriding.
Removable belt: For a more versatile and easier to use sack for city life.