30 Years

1985 – 2015 : 30 years of safety on snow

It has been 30 years since ARVA announced the release of its first avalanche transceiver, the ARVA 4000. At the time, the ski-touring market did not exist, skis were narrow underfoot and winter sports were not what they are today. Snow safety was already our passion, and the launch of this transceiver was the beginning of a long family story. 30 years later that passion is still intact, with a brand image dedicated to the perpetual search for innovation and quality. Performance has improved, product categories have multiplied, and sales have been internationalized, but the spirit of the brand has remained consistent.

1985 : ARVA 4000ARVA 4000 flat

In 1985 ARVA introduced ARVA 4000, the first French beacon. Providing a range of twenty meters, this analog beacon had one antenna and no display screen, it was designed for and advanced user and it required training. Subsequently, beacon performance improved but the key progress was the development of the user interface.

1998 : ARVA 9000

In 1998 we introduced the ARVA 9000 which marked a turning point. This new generation of beacons provided distance and direction indication as well as audible cues to make the search significantly simpler, this was the beginning of digital beacons. While this is a far cry from the efficient tools we use today, it was a big step toward the evolution of the modern beacon.

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